PVC Conservatories

The Luminaire Lighting System This uniquely designed lighting system provides subtle background lighting to the conservatory. Luminaire can be easily installed with the Quantal Heritage eaves cladding. Designed to be part of your conservatory, this unique system is unobtrusive and does not appear out of place even when not in use.With only three parts to the Luminaire, product installation is both quick and simple, with the added advantage of retro fitting to existing Quantal conservatories.Stylish and easy to install, the system comes with standard flex and plug for mains use. Available with an opaque diffuser option for whites and coloured internal finish unobtrusive to the conservatory design.This unique lighting system represents excellent value for money, comparable to traditional fan lights

  • Maximises solar gain
  • Allows you to make the most of the sun during the year
  • Perfect for sun lovers though you may need blinds in summer
  • Allows you to make the most of the sun during the year

Luminaire Brochure

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