Fascias, Soffits, Cladding & Gutters

claddingChoosing a roofline product that looks good is only half the story! Expert installation is vital to protect your home by ensuring the correct products are used and that the installation is carried out in a professional way.

Beware of just cladding over wood, without taking of the old wooden fascias. It is impossible to tell whether any existing timbers have started to rot. If they have and all you are doing is covering them up you are storing up the problems for later.

We specialise in replacing the old wooden fascia boards with strong, thick PVC boards that to not decay over time or require painting, thus providing a maintenance free solution.


As well as just replacing the fascia board we will replace any rotten rafter feet, renew any cement on the gable edges and replace rotten felt up to the first tile batten

We offer a wide range of colours; from the standard white through to grey black and golden oak. We are also able to paint PVC material in any colour you wish.

We also offer a full range of maintenance free cladding products to complement the PVC fascias and soffits.

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