Morley Integral Blinds Salisbury & Wiltshire

We install sleek and stylish Morley integral blinds to homes throughout Salisbury, Wiltshire and surrounding counties including West Berkshire, North Dorset and West and South West Hampshire.

Morley Integral Blinds in a home in Salisbury & Wiltshire

Key Features of Morley Integral Blinds

If you’re fed up with the constant upkeep and bulky appearance of your exterior blinds or curtains, why not upgrade to our integral blinds that offer superior protection against the sun with innovative designs and advanced technology.

Customised For You

At Cara Glass, we work with trusted suppliers to offer integral blinds in many different styles and colour combinations to match with your current units. We also offer a few control systems too, meaning that you can have a blind that you can operate with ease.

Maintenance Free

When integral blinds are installed, they won’t require any upkeep, making them virtually maintenance free. Compared to exterior blinds, shutters and curtains that will gather dust, attract fingerprints and get covered in grime, our systems are installed within the glazing units themselves, meaning that they won’t get exposed to the elements and won’t require cleaning.

Child Friendly

Unlike traditional exterior blinds where children can easily yank at the cords and get their fingers stuck, an integral blind is fitted within the glazing unit itself. This prevents them from accessing this or causing injury to themselves, making them an ideal choice for home with young kids or pets.

white black blind salisbury open black out blind salisbury DRAG

External colour


Solar Reflection 74%
Light Reflection 74%
Solar Absorption 0%


Solar Reflection 71%
Light Reflection 70%
Solar Absorption 0%


Solar Reflection 71%
Light Reflection 70%
Solar Absorption 0%


Solar Reflection 71%
Light Reflection 70%
Solar Absorption 0%


Solar Reflection 71%
Light Reflection 70%
Solar Absorption 0%


Solar Reflection 71%
Light Reflection 70%
Solar Absorption 0%

Grey Ridge

Solar Reflection 71%
Light Reflection 70%
Solar Absorption 0%

Grey Sheen

Solar Reflection 71%
Light Reflection 70%
Solar Absorption 0%

cream blind in salisbury open blinds in wiltshire DRAG


Solar Reflection 45%
Light Reflection 50%
Solar Absorption 5%


Solar Reflection 12%
Light Reflection 17%
Solar Absorption 71%


Solar Reflection 40%
Light Reflection 46%
Solar Absorption 14%


Solar Reflection 38%
Light Reflection 38%
Solar Absorption 24%


Solar Reflection 13%
Light Reflection 12%
Solar Absorption 75%


Solar Reflection 11%
Light Reflection 15%
Solar Absorption 74%


Solar Reflection 9%
Light Reflection 6%
Solar Absorption 85%


Solar Reflection 16%
Light Reflection 13%
Solar Absorption 71%


Solar Reflection 14%
Light Reflection 9%
Solar Absorption 77%


Solar Reflection 17%
Light Reflection 11%
Solar Absorption 72%


Solar Reflection 6%
Light Reflection 5%
Solar Absorption 89%


Solar Reflection 40%
Light Reflection 32%
Solar Absorption 28%

white blind salisbury metallic open blind salisbury DRAG

S102 White

Solar Reflection 70%
Light Reflection 78%
Solar Absorption 30%

Standard colour

S125 Beige

Solar Reflection 57%
Light Reflection 63%
Solar Absorption 43%

B160 Black

Solar Reflection 4%
Light Reflection 4%
Solar Absorption 96%


S149 Cream

olar Reflection 68%
Light Reflection 75%
Solar Absorption 32%

Standard colour

S130 Green

Solar Reflection 58%
Light Reflection 65%
Solar Absorption 42%

S142 Light Blue

Solar Reflection 65%
Light Reflection 69%
Solar Absorption 35%

S156 Metallic Silver

Solar Reflection 65%
Light Reflection 62%
Solar Absorption 35%

S159 Anthracite

Solar Reflection 12%
Light Reflection 13%
Solar Absorption 88%


S120 Agate Grey

Solar Reflection 41%
Light Reflection 41%
Solar Absorption 59%



Solar Reflection 12%
Light Reflection 13%
Solar Absorption 88%

Exclusive Dual Colour

S157 Silver

Solar Reflection 43%
Light Reflection 44%
Solar Absorption 57%

Standard colour

S158 Slate Grey

Solar Reflection 20%
Light Reflection 21%
Solar Absorption 80%

S106 Yellow

Solar Reflection 62%
Light Reflection 72%
Solar Absorption 38%

Morley Integral Blinds in a beautiful in Salisbury & Wiltshire

Morley Integral Blinds Salisbury and Wiltshire

It’s time to say goodbye to bothersome curtains and mounted frames that clutter wall space by incorporating a sophisticated integral blind to your Salisbury or Wiltshire home. Designed to fit within the cavity of double glazed units, these offer perfect shading from the sun whilst providing outstanding aesthetics.

With a choice of five control systems and superior functionality, our integral blinds offer a premium light control system for every type of window, door or façade. We offer a range of styles and colour combinations to choose from, ensuring that all homeowners have a stunning system that is easy to operate and will function for many years to come.

Morley Integral Blinds and vintage car in a beautiful in Salisbury & Wiltshire

Control Systems

With innovation built in, our integral blinds offer unrivalled control of light and shade, and available in plenty of control systems, you’ll be able to tailor our systems to suit your units. Whether you want a system that can block out the sunlight whenever you desire or need something to sit comfortably within slimmer window and door frames, we will ensure that you have an elegant system that provides a smooth operation.

For further information, or if you have any additional questions revolving around our integral blinds, call us on 01722 744424, or use our online contact form to get in touch. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

Based in Wilton, we operate in Salisbury, Warminster, Melksham, Amesbury, Andover, Shaftesbury, Fordingbridge, Downton, Gillingham, Bournemouth, New Forest, Poole, Harnham, Ferndown, Laverstock, Romsey, Winchester. For our integral blinds in Hampshire, Dorset & Wiltshire, contact us today.

Can integral blinds be installed to bifold doors?

Thanks to our trusted supplier, Direct Integral Blinds, we offer a style conscious Venetian blind that is manufactured to the highest standards and specifications. Not only are they ideal for commercial and domestic applications, but are the only viable option for bifolding doors.

How long will integral blinds last?

Once installed our integral blinds can usually last between 10-12 years.

Are integral blinds hygienic?

Compared to traditional curtains and blinds that are exposed to the environment, our integral blinds are fitted within the glazing unit themselves, therefore are sealed away from dirt and dust. Due to this, they’re often used in hospitals and schools because they’re hygienic and don’t require constant cleaning.

Who is Cara Glass?

Cara Glass specialises in high-quality double glazing and glass services. Based in Wilton, Salisbury, we supply and install windows, doors, conservatories, conservatory roofs, and roof lanterns to homeowners in Salisbury, Wiltshire and the surrounding areas. View our coverage map for more information on where we carry out our installations.

Cara Glass even offers glass repair services to both residential and commercial customers, as well as the supply of commercial aluminium. If you are looking for a local double glazing company in Wiltshire, Cara Glass will help take care of your home improvements and provide the highest of standards.

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