Upgrade Your Existing Windows by Choosing our Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is an excellent solution to add the benefits of double glazing to a property for the fraction of the price. With a vast amount of advantages including energy efficiency, it’s an excellent option to add value to your home. Secondary glazing will reduce noise pollution from outside with certain glass types reducing noise ingress and soundproofing your windows. This is especially beneficial for homes that are close to roads or built up areas. It provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere for your home that you can enjoy no matter what the time of day or location of your property.

The Benefits of Secondary Glazing Windows

  • Cost Effective Option
  • Improved Thermal Performance
  • Better Sound Reduction
  • Long Lasting Security

Secondary Glazing Prices, Salisbury & Wiltshire

If you’re looking for secondary glazing solutions to improve your property you can call 01722 744825. Our expert team will answer any questions you might have as well as provide secondary glazing prices. Alternatively, get a tailored quote for your double glazing needs via our online quoting engine or get in touch with us via our online contact form.

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Glazing for Listed Properties and Conservation Areas

It’s important that secondary glazing is discreet, high performance and perfectly complements the listed property or conservation area that it is being added to.

For listed properties, conservation areas, rental properties or other accommodation where you’re unable to fully replace windows, secondary glazing is the perfect solution. It can be a very slim and discreet window solution as well as cost-effective.

Listed properties often have single glazed windows that provide poor insulation and soundproofing. Making changes to a listed building requires requesting consent, and most often than not, replacing windows and other items will be rejected.

Secondary glazing on the inside of your windows is beneficial in the way that you get the benefits of double glazing, as well as being safe in the knowledge that it’s an approved solution, recommended by the Listed Property Owners Club.

Because secondary glazing is considered a home improvement that can be reversed if need be, it’s more likely to preserve the aesthetics and character of a period property as well as protecting the interior.

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The Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Your newly installed secondary glazing will provide excellent benefits. Some of these are listed below:

  • Energy Efficiency. Secondary glazing is highly energy efficient with technology that traps heat in and locks the cold out. This keeps energy bills down and protects the interior of a property as it will be secure as well as weatherproof.
  • Added Security. Our secondary glazing will provide a property with extra security with windows that are strong and resilient. Secondary glazing will deter intruders and provide a robust solution despite the UK’s adverse weather.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. Secondary glazing is a discreet and attractive solution. Because the windows are slimline, our glazing will not be an eye sore which means that it will please conservation officers as well as complementing the surrounding area.
  • No More Noise. Secondary glazing soundproofs your home so that noise pollution is kept to a minimum. This creates a much calmer and enjoyable atmosphere for all the family.
  • Low Maintenance. Secondary glazing won’t add extra upkeep for you to attend to when it comes to maintaining your property. They are extremely robust and resilient as well as virtually maintenance-free.
  • Longevity. Our secondary glazing options will continue to deliver high performance for years to come. You can enjoy the benefits secondary glazing provides.
  • Market Leading Glazing. We are experts when it comes to secondary glazing so you will know you’re in safe hands. We are committed to providing a quality and personal service to all of our customers throughout Salisbury, Wiltshire and surrounding areas.

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Energy Efficient Secondary Glazing

When it comes to saving energy, windows are a prime area in which heat loss can easily be prevented. Old single glazed windows can provide insufficient insulation also that can result in draughts. Single glazing can also lead to the build-up of condensation that eventually leads to mould and mildew issues. Our secondary glazing can reduce heat loss throughout your home making a significant difference to your energy bills as well as making mould a problem of the past.


Perfect For Busy Areas

Secondary glazing is effective due to there being an adequate air gap or cavity between two panes of glass. It provides an excellent sound insulation as well as a volume of thickness that provides exceptional insulation. If you’d like to find out more about our secondary glazing, or want to discover secondary glazing costs, get in touch.

Professional Service

Our team is highly skilled and have years of experience and training. Customers can get in touch with the team at Cara glass to discuss their upcoming project. We are always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you might have at any point during the process of adding secondary glazing to your property.

It’s important to us that our customers are 100% happy and we strive to make sure every installation we carry out is done to perfection. Enjoy the benefits that secondary glazing provides and have it added to your windows today.

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