Outstanding French Windows in Fordingbridge

Our French windows’ timeless appeal makes them a valuable addition to any home, whether contemporary or heritage. Explore our exciting range today to find a double glazing product that is beautiful, functional, and has a large glazed area.

French Window Prices In Fordingbridge

Cara Glass, with 30 years of experience assisting customers in Fordingbridge and Wiltshire with their home improvement needs, will be able to tailor the design of their new French windows to your specifications.

Call us at 01722 744424 for more information or a quote, or fill out our online contact form. You can also get guideline prices for as many products as you need instantly by using our free design tool.

French Window prices salisbury wiltshire

Open Up Your Home With French Windows

You will benefit from increased natural light in any room where our French windows are installed in your Fordingbridge home. The large glass panes will allow more natural light to enter your home, creating a bright, comfortable living space throughout the year.

We serve Fordingbridge and Wiltshire, as well as areas further afield, including Hindon, Laverstock, Melksham, Andover, and Wilton.

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French Windows: The Perfect Addition to Your Home

Whatever your design requirements, we can respond to them in full to create French windows that suit your home in Salisbury and Wiltshire. Your new French windows will blend in seamlessly and create a look that’s truly individual.

The appearance of your French windows will catch people’s attention, thanks to the inclusion of eye-catching astragal bars which break up the paned area. Choose from a rich portfolio of bevelled glass designs to further customise your double glazing.

A traditional framework is used in the design of our French windows, which include scotia beading. Scotia beading works to create a smooth, sleek style, hiding any gaps or internal hardware.

The combination of these features results in a design that is both visually and performatively exceptional, helping add value to your Wiltshire home.

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french window prices salisbury wiltshire

French Windows vs Standard Windows

What distinguishes French windows from standard designs? Whichever style you choose, you’ll get the same market leading window quality. Each window has its own design and performance features, and our friendly team can assist you in finding the best French window for your Fordingbridge home.

windows of both types open outwards. The main distinction is that French windows lack the mullion, which is a vertical line that divides the windowpane. A mullion is typically incorporated into the standard design, so our French windows will provide more light and better views of the outside to your Wiltshire home.

By removing the mullion, French windows allow in more fresh air. Proper ventilation aids in the prevention of condensation, which can lead to mould growth. With our French windows, your Wiltshire home will be comfortable all year.

If the windows in your Fordingbridge home are older or incorrectly installed, you may be experiencing drought and damp issues. This means you’ll have to crank up the heat to stay warm.

Because our French windows are properly insulated, your home will be warm without the need to use your heating system constantly. This can help you save money on your living expenses while also lowering your carbon footprint.

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Market-Leading Security Built with You and Your Family in Mind

French windows will add a touch of charm to your Fordingbridge or Wiltshire home while also providing a comfortable environment. Your new double glazing’s advanced technology will also protect your property from unauthorised entry attempts.

Although our French windows will deter most intruders, you can also upgrade your design by having Cara Glass instal laminated glass. This will ensure that your double glazing meets the Secured by Design specification.

The French windows we instal in your Fordingbridge & Wiltshire home will also meet, if not exceed, industry minimums. Your new French windows will meet British Standard kitemark standards such as BS7590 and PAS24.

Cara Glass will install French windows that will keep you safer. Whether you’re at home or away, you can be confident that your newly installed double glazing will keep unwanted visitors out of your Wiltshire home. French Windows by Deceuninck

Standard glass options for your French window are no longer available. We offer a selection of leaded and Georgian bars to help you add a beautiful finishing touch to your new French window design, allowing you to capture the traditional box sash design. In addition, you can select from a variety of glass designs to suit your needs. With privacy glass, you can reduce sightlines into your home and make it as comfortable as possible.

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Deceuninck French Windows

Gone are the days of standard glass options for your French window. To help you bring a beautiful finishing touch to your new French window design, with offer a choice of leaded and Georgian bars that enable you to capture the traditional box sash design. Alongside this, you can also choose from a range of glass designs to suit your needs. With privacy glass, you’ll be able to reduce the sightlines into your home to make your home as comfortable as possible.


Enhance Your Home with French Windows

Our French windows have a number of fantastic advantages for your home. This includes making your home warmer and more comfortable, offering market leading levels of security, delivering an energy efficiency rating of ‘A,’ adding authentic charm to your home, and coming with a full manufacturers guarantee as standard.


Highly Tested French Windows

Our French windows are known for their innovative designs, which are rigorously tested to ensure long term performance. Deceuninck French windows provide value on all levels – visually, practically, and all around.

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