Recycled PVC Windows & Doors 2018

Recycled PVC Windows & Doors 2018

Our team at Cara Glass work closely with uPVC recycling partners to ensure that we are doing the best for the environment and are creating very little waste. As a sustainable double glazing company in Salisbury, we partner with ECOPLAS to ensure that our uPVC windows and door profiles are recycled efficiently.

We have been double glazing installers in Salisbury for many years, and we have continued to recycle our waste PVC-u each year.

This year, we successfully recycled a total of 8.538 tonnes (8,536 kg or 18,818.66 lb) of PVC. To put this in perspective, this is around a ton more than the weight of an average adult African elephant!

Environmentally Friendly Double Glazing Salisbury

What Are The Benefits of Recycling PVC?

There are many benefits of recycling PVC, or uPVC, profiles. Not only are we creating less waste, but we are also helping the environment by allowing each part of waste uPVC to serve a purpose in a new form. The majority of recycled PVC is used to create a variety of products such as;

  • Window cills, cavity closures and beadings
  • uPVC gutters & drainpipes
  • Fencing and decking
  • Underground pipes
  • Tubing

The Process of PVC Recycling with Ecoplas:

All of the post consumer windows and doors that are recycled by Ecoplas are done in the same way and the process is carried out with care.

Once they have received the PVC for recycling, they crush these profiles on-site. This is then manually sorted, so the rest of the work can be carried out.

We have peace of mind in knowing that all white PVC waste is crushed into a granulated form, whilst the metal is removed by magnetic separators and the gaskets are removed by electrostatic separators. Any wood, metal or polythene that is not recyclable with Ecoplas is recycled with third party companies.

The recycled PVC is made into rechip which can be supplied to the extrusion industry. It can also be supplied as a micronized powder and even pellet form.

Your Environmentally Friendly Double Glazing Company

If you are considering replacing your windows and doors, but are concerned about the environment and how to dispose of your existing frames, contact Cara Glass today. We are a sustainable double glazing company and certified PVC recyclers.

You can use our online quoting system for double glazing prices or you can visit our showroom in Wilton, Salisbury for more information.

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