Through the Square Window: What are Trickle Vents?

Through the Square Window: What are Trickle Vents?

In the past six months, significant building regulation changes now mean that trickle vents are no longer an optional extra in installing windows unless you already have enough ventilation in your room. With various questions and queries regarding this, at Cara Glass, we thought we would explain more about the benefits of these important devices for our new and existing customers.

What are trickle vents? Well, they are certainly not a new thing on windows… Trickle vents are a very small ventilation device that is fitted on the top of windows to allow for a small, but consistent, influx of fresh, clean air into your property. This helps ensure that your interior can benefit from a continual amount of comfortable ventilation without ever needing to open your windows or doors. Said trickle vents can also be adjusted – allowing for optimal amounts of fresh air ventilation with little effort and ease of control.

Why are Trickle Vents important?

Trickle vents are instrumental in providing a healthy and ventilated interior environment. Their ability to consistently introduce fresh air into your home ensures that you won’t have to deal with issues such as excess moisture and condensation which can lead to harmful dampness and mould – whilst significantly improving the air quality inside your property.  This is incredibly important for any homeowner looking to avoid repair and clean costs down the line and ensure that your health isn’t affected by poor air quality, which has been linked with both long term respiratory and cardiovascular afflictions.

what are trickle vents

Are Trickle Vents required?

As a FENSA certified installer, we here at Cara Glass follow the very high standards set by FENSA to ensure that our valued customers are receiving the very best from our range of windows and doors. Building regulations have recently been updated to include trickle vents onto new windows and doors – in the majority of situations, as such, our range will do just that. We believe that homeowners will now be able to enjoy our incredible range of home improvement solutions on top of the many benefits that come with trickle vents.

What are the benefits of Trickle Vents?

Higher Air Quality

Compared to an interior where your windows and doors are always shut closed, homeowners will experience a significant increase in air quality permeating their properties.

This is incredibly helpful as it effectively ventilates your home with fresh air and reduces the risk of health problems often associated with poor air quality and can increase the transmission of COVID 19.  This is achieved by minimising the number of air pollutants in your property, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Improved Home Security

When it comes to opening your windows and doors for increased air ventilation, homeowners leave themselves and their properties in a particularly vulnerable state that opportunistic home invaders could take advantage of. In order to enjoy the best of both worlds – home security and fresh air ventilation, trickle vents provide a continual influx of comfortable breezes without having to open your windows and doors to any possible burglaries, ensuring that your property remains ventilated and protected.

Continual Air Flow

Enjoy a 24/7 operation that will continue to provide fresh air ventilation for your home. A passive influx of air will ensure that you will never return to a stuffy home. A perfect home improvement solution that can ensure consistent air ventilation during a hot day whilst you are away at work or on holiday.

Cleaner Interior

Because of the consistent flow of fresh air entering your property, you will begin to see a dramatic decrease in both mould and condensation build-up. Mould and condensation, when left alone, can often lead to disruptive, ugly damp patches, and mould growth, which has been linked to affecting homeowners health. As such, trickle vents have been expertly designed and crafted to mitigate these issues, saving you the hassle of repair costs, and ensuring that your quality of life at home is improved.

Cost-Effective Solution

When it comes to investing in a home improvement solution that can and will provide a continuous influx of fresh air ventilation into your property, trickle vents are by far one of the most cost-effective options currently available on the market. Compared to utilising your electricity for artificial ventilation or air bricks, homeowners like you can spend less for more, allowing for unrivalled levels of ventilation. Not only are trickle vents a smart investment for any property owner, but they also offer a wide array of practical benefits that will directly improve your quality of life at home. Enjoy improved fresh air ventilation and more with Cara Glass.


Trickle vents are an important addition to help improve the quality of life for every homeowner, which is why they are included now, in our wide selection of windows and doors here at Cara Glass. To find out more about trickle vents, please feel free to contact us, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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