Double Glazing, Harnham

We offer gorgeous double glazing to homes in Harnham and the surrounding Salisbury areas. Our collection includes double glazed windows, doors, conservatories and roof lanterns. Give your home a facelift with our modern double glazing.

Double Glazing, Harnham

At Cara Glass, we provide high-quality double glazing and glass services all over Harnham and the neighbouring areas. If you are looking to improve your home or commercial building and need beautiful double glazed windows and doors, we are the right choice for you. We offer a range of double glazed windows, doors, and conservatories perfect for any style property.

Our impressive selection of uPVC double glazing gives you a cost-effective option that also provides fantastic performance. These double glazed windows, doors, and conservatories are easy to care for and give exceptional thermal performance. Our glazed products can be easily customised to match the aesthetics of your Harnham property.

uPVC Doors

Double glazed doors are a very important part of any home. The front door especially acts as the face of your home to visitors and people passing by. Even interior doors contribute to the heat performance and security of your Harnham property. This is why we offer a selection of gorgeous uPVC doors fitted with high-security locking systems and secure double glazing to our customers. You can also feel confident that your new double glazing will provide exceptional security, as they have Secured by Design accreditation. Plus, we provide a spectacular selection of door designs so you get the right ones for your property.

Our double glazed door designs give you options for wider openings as well as regular-sized interior apertures. This way, you can choose the right door style for your needs. No matter what you choose, our replacement double glazed doors will give you a stylish look as well as the features you want.

You can choose doors that give your home a stylish European look, or opt for space-saving designs. We give you double glazed doors that allow flexible usage, as well as controlled light and ventilation so you get exactly what you need.

Whether it is a rustic air that you want to retain in your property or a modern minimalism, we can help you get the perfect double glazing for it. In fact, we even offer double glazed composite doors that will help you maintain a timber aesthetic for your property but with less work in caring for them.

uPVC Windows

Our uPVC windows give you amazing performance combined with attractive looks. Our double glazed windows come in a range of designs and styles to give you better thermal insulation, noise reduction, and weatherproofing.

As with our doors, we give you a tremendous amount of flexibility in our double glazed window designs. You can choose your double glazing to give you better lighting, ventilation, security, or even style. We offer double glazed windows that make your room bigger due to their design or because of the extra light they let in.

Some of our aluminium window styles give you better control over the way your windows perform. You can control the amount of ventilation you get as well as the security. Some of our uPVC windows come with the tilt feature for their sashes so you can clean the outer panes just as easily as the inner ones.

We even offer stunning double glazed windows that are perfect for heritage homes in Salisbury. You can even choose woodgrain foils to make them look exactly like timber windows.

Aluminium Double Glazing, Harnham

Get a combination of strength, durability, and sleek style with our aluminium double glazing. These double glazed products give you fabulous performance for years. As a result, your Harnham property looks clean and modern with large glazed areas for enhanced visibility and light.

Aluminium Double Glazing

Aluminium Doors

Our selection of double glazed aluminium doors includes beautiful styles like French doors, patio doors, and aluminium bi-fold doors. In addition, we also have a gorgeous range of aluminium front doors to enhance the kerb appeal of your property.

Aluminium Windows

We bring you a stunning collection of double glazed aluminium windows which are guaranteed to give you great performance. The flexible material can be used for non-traditional aperture shapes as well. While we don’t have an online quoting system for these windows, feel free to get in touch and tell us your needs.


In addition to windows and doors, we also offer a gorgeous range of double glazed extensions for your Harnham property. These can be customised for traditional designs as well as modern construction, to give you a unique feature added to your property.

We offer you a variety of conservatory styles, conservatory roofs, and double glazed roof lanterns that are installed onto a flat roof to let the natural light into your home.


Our roofline products are designed to keep your property looking and performing its best even on the outside. We offer fascias, soffits, and guttering to keep your home protected against the weather while keeping the building looking clean and tidy.

Double Glazing Prices Harnham

We offer extremely competitive double glazing prices across Harnham and the surrounding Salisbury areas. If you want perfect double glazing in Harnahm within your budget then we at Cara Glass will be glad to help you. We have intensive knowledge of double glazing accrued over several years in the industry.

You can get your double glazing quotes almost instantly with our online quoting engine. These quotes are free and no-obligation. You can also get in touch with us using our contact form. Alternatively, we are also available on the phone if you call on 01722744424.

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